OK, I’m out. From now on my sporadic blatherings will be on my WordPress ‘blog, and will be crossposted to my InsaneJournal. For those who would prefer to read on their LJ friends list rather than on a separate page, I’ve made LJ feeds for both my ‘blog, and my InsaneJournal. [Edit: Don’t bother with the IJ feed; it doesn’t work right. I’m fairly sure it’s on IJ’s end.] Just click the appropriate link to add it to your friends list. Theoretically, they should be identical. Theoretically. I’m not sure how often (or how well) LJ updates syndicated feeds. You can always get the direct feed from the site.

I’ll still be reading y’all, of course! :)

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8 Responses to Moving

    • Ha ha wow, that was pretty bad. I’m not sure it is fixable, but I’ll see what I can do. Maybe the other one’d be better. :D
      See, I post to my ‘blog (, it automagically posts to insanejournal (with the “originally posted” header), then LJ somehow picks up the existing feeds of both sites.
      So, it looks like LJ isn’t picking up insanejournal’s feed correctly, or maybe insanejournal’s feed isn’t set up correctly.

  1. Has LJ done something ridiculous I haven’t heard about yet? Several friends have talked of leaving LJ or left today, and as usual, I seem to be out of the loop.

    • I’m glad I have people like you and to clarify my thoughts so I don’t have to! :D
      (Seriously, I really dig your rants and stuff. I usually agree with you.)
      This post sums up my thoughts on the whole thing better than I could.

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