Welcome home, Calypso!

So apparently we’ve both lost our minds, because we’ve just adopted a baby kitten. A baby baby kitten, she’s only about 3 weeks old.

Meet Calypso!

(photo credit: JustOrb)

She is so tiny. You’d think, however, that she was much bigger if you heard her yelling. All the other cats look huge to me now, even skinny George. <grin>

On our way home

Om nom nom

I’ll have some better pictures later, of course, once we’re all settled in. So far the other brats aren’t too bent out of shape, but that’s probably ’cause we’re keeping them separate for now. There’s been some hissing, and Jake got a displaced thwack from Max (poor dog is bewildered), but so far so good. I’m expecting crankiness, etc., but Fred & George integrated pretty easily and I’m hoping this will go as well.

(photo credit: JustOrb)

orbie‘s husband found this tiny ball of fluff near his office – no sign anywhere of mama or the rest of her littermates. It being “kitten season” (spay or neuter your pets, people!) none of the no-kill shelters or rescues she called have space available. This coincided with our apparent insanity, so we said we’d take her.

So, we picked her up this morning and took her to her first vet appointment. Results are that she’s healthy and pretty strong for her age, so weaning should go well. She’s already drinking her kitten mix from a bowl, so I probably won’t have to mess with bottles. She’s also using the litter box which is a huge relief for me! She’s had her first worming dose, and capstar which (magnets aside) is a true miracle. Seriously, half a pill and 30 minutes later fleas drop dead? Amazing.

[insert break for feeding everyone]

OK, the current cats ate fine (it’s a worry with Max, as he’s prone to bouts of pancreatitis which are heralded by him refusing food) so that’s good. Calypso did well too – round kitten belly! I’m so glad she’s eating from a dish rather than a bottle. Probably sometime next week we’ll start mixing in a smidge of canned kitten food and see how that goes.

She is so tiny! She doesn’t even weigh a pound yet – she’s about ¾ pound right now!

All right, that’s enough kitten blather for now. Let’s see if I can update more often, hmm?