Still annoyed

Too little, too late, too clueless.

My choices are:

  • Stay at LJ through laziness and fear of losing what readership and/or community I have there.
  • Move to GreatestJournal (I’m jenbooks there, of course) – it has more word of mouth right now, but a clunky version of LJ
  • Move to InsaneJournal (I’m jenbooks there, too) – it’s got a newer version of the LJ software, but it’s not known very well.
  • Move to MySpace HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – no.
  • Actually use my very own wordpress blog – see first point of laziness and readership.
  • Some combination of the above

The funny thing is, yesterday was my sixth anniversary on LiveJournal. :)

I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!

I’m having a very nice, quiet weekend with sqlrob. Sleeping in, minor household chores, video games (Simpson’s Hit & Run), and movies. Last night we watched Peter Pan. I liked it a lot – definitely a lot darker than Disney’s version. Jason Issacs was very yummy both as Dad and as the nefarious Hook. Honesty demands that I admit I cried when Tinkerbell was dying. <grin>

Today we watched From Hell, a movie based on Jack the Ripper. That was a good movie. It wasn’t as gory as I’d feared, and the mystery draws you in. Fascinating flick, with a very good cast. I guess you can’t go wrong with Captain Jack Sparrow, Bilbo, and Hagrid, eh?

In other news, today marks my third LJ anniversary. When I started this silly thing, I had no idea I’d actually use it at all, let alone fairly regularly. I’ve never been able to keep a “real” journal – I’d write a day or two, then not again for months and months. In fact, yesterday I typed up four years worth of paper journal entries. It’s not nearly as monumental as it sounds – it was only 18 entries. I did it so that I’d have a record along with this journal – the entries are locked for now. Frankly, they’re pathetic. It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed – and how I haven’t.

All in all, being online and posting my thoughts and (some) feelings to my website, Usenet, and now LiveJournal has been a positive thing. I’ve grown, I’ve changed, and I like to think that I’ve made some good friends. Finding my husband wasn’t half bad either!

What’s next?