Zoo. Skool. Pictures

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Tuesday I went to the zoo again. We get a membership every year, because we want to support their rescue efforts, but we don’t really go very often. I got some pretty cool pictures this time – it was a nice, breezy morning.




Here’s the rest of the pictures.

School is going pretty well. I seem to be getting A’s on all my English essays, though I’m not sure exactly how. History is going well too. I dropped Spanish II though; I felt like I didn’t retain anything from Spanish I! So, I’ll take another run at it… later. Meanwhile, I really like being back at school.

I’m not, however, doing so well with Project 365 – I’ve missed several days. For instance, I still need to take some pictures today. :/ Darned clouds in Austin – no eclipse for me! But, I like the “picture every day” concept, so I’ll keep plugging away.

That’s it for now. I have to remember how to blog again.

We can’t stop here! It’s BAT country!

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Last Thursday, Rob and I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Bracken Bat Cave and watch around 20 million bats emerge from their cave to go hunting. Of course, we didn’t see that many bats – we were told it takes almost all night for the entire colony to emerge.

It was incredible. As we walked up to the area above the cave, we first noticed the stench of bat (and, apparently, beetle) guano. It wasn’t too bad, but fairly powerful. After the initial blast it wasn’t very noticeable.

The cave (picture below, also more pictures on my flickr photoset) was really just this huge hole in the ground. Once things started hopping with the bats you could see thousands of them circling the cave mouth in some instinctive holding pattern.

Then they just came spiraling out of the cave, thousands and thousands of them. The vortex of bats created a breeze as it rose from the cave – they were so close you could hear their wings whirring. As more and more of them came out, they began to stream south in this endless river in the sky.

It was absolutely an amazing sight.

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You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

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But you can rollerskate in my garage now! If I had rollerskates, of course. Here’s an “after” picture:

And, we're done!

Half of that stuff on the left is for the theoretical garage sale we’ll have after we get through at least some of the junk room. Hopefully.

More pictures on how we spent a four-day Memorial day weekend after the cut!

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Snow! In Austin! TEXAS!

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Snow gallery – more later probably!

Jake loves the snow. I’d really love to see what he’d do in a foot of snow, but that ain’t happening here. It’s still falling, and sticking pretty good, but if we get a whole inch of actual snow, I’d be surprised.

EDIT: Yeah, it’s more rain than snow right now, and what snow there is is slushifying. Yes, that is a word. I swear it is. Anyway, the icicles are melting off the roof. But, my outdoor temp gauge says 31, and it’s still gonna be in the freezing zone. It’s gonna be really slick out there.

More pictures…

Photo Post – Cookies, etc

Well, consistency eludes me so far. Again. Oh well. :)

It appears that Gallery is still working for me. Hopefully, that will continue. I have no idea why it broke before. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the database, but other than that I haven't the foggiest. Anyhow, I'm working on getting my albums back up properly. Here's a few recent samples:

I made myself a quite serviceable BPAL box! I cut some styrofoam to fit tightly in a former chocolate box:

Today, I had the urge to make cookies. They turned out fabulous! Not to toot my own horn too much, but I make very good chocolate chip cookies. These, however, were probably the best I ever made. Who knew using real butter instead of margarine would make such a difference?

For Christmas, I made my Vinegar Devil's Food cake.

I got just a little carried away with the sprinkles.

Dinner was quite yummy.

Oh gee. It's raining again. It's gonna freeze overnight, I know it. :/

New Year

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Here it is, 9 pm and I’m close to bending one of my so-called New Years Resolutions, or “Yeah, Rights” as I call them.

Let’s see:

I’ve got a couple more personal ones as well. New day, new month, new year – let’s see how they’ll turn out.

2006 was a pretty good year for us, overall. It was fairly uneventful, which, after the past couple of years was much appreciated. Here’s hoping 2007 goes as smoothly.


I never did figure out why Gallery broke on my website, not that I actually tried very hard. I just ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it. Hopefully, this time it will behave itself.

That’s all I’ve got right now. I’m too distracted by sqlrob watching Pinky & The Brain. Narf!!

I’ll leave you with one of the first pictures I’ve taken this year!

That man o' mine

The in-laws sent us some pictures of sqlrob when he was but a lad. This prompted me to see if my scanner still works. <chuckles evilly> It does, however Mac OSX doesn’t like it. Apparently, HP doesn’t have drivers for my model – guess it’s too old. It works just fine on my Win98 box – haven’t turned that poor thing on in months!

So here’s sqlrob now…

… and here he is in college…

More pics under the cut