Quick update

  • Video Games Live rocked
  • Twitter lost all my tweets from VGL
  • A girl gamer beat all the boys on Guitar Hero, and then went on to seriously rock the crowd with Aerosmith on expert – on stage. Erin, you are my heroine!

Overdue Update


I joined a photo group called Project 365+1 – the idea is you take (and post) a photo every day. Other than that, there’s no rules – it can be slice of life, “artistic”, whatever. Mine will probably be heavy on the cat side. :)

My cameras are:

  • Nikon D50 (love this camera)
  • Canon Powershot SD1000 (new!)
  • HP Photosmart 320 (old, and probably retired soon)

Anyhow, so far I haven’t missed a day, although I’ve been posting in batches rather than every day. I also haven’t managed to post them on my ‘blog, either. I really need to work on that. Hm. Think I’ll turn twitter posting back on too.

I’m going to “catch up” with photo posting, so expect a slew of picture posts soon. Gonna cheat and back date them, too.

Here’s my flickr page and my Project 365+1 set.


I updated my 2007 book list – I apparently read at least 87 books last year. I think I missed a few, but no more than 3 or 4 I imagine. Maybe this year I’ll actually manage a few “reviews”.


Semester II! Back for English Composition II and U.S. History II (after 1865). I decided to drop Spanish II for now. I could probably do it, might even manage to pass (seeing as how I somehow got an A in Spanish I) but it would put the other classes at risk. History kinda got the short shrift last term and I really would rather do better this term. So, the plan is to re-take Spanish I for summer term, and take Spanish II next fall. Seriously, I don’t feel that I grasped Spanish I at all; certainly not well enough to dive into Spanish II.


Man, I haven’t touched a console in months! I’ve been solely playing DS games. Currently I’m playing Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker – it’s DragonQuest meets Pokemon, and it’s a lot of fun.


Movies we’ve seen! The moratorium on regular movie theaters is still on – the only place we’ll go is the Alamo Drafthouse; specifically, the one on South Lamar. We’ll do the downtown one, but it’s gotta be for something special. We’ve got a backlog of movies though, so there’s always something to watch when we feel like it.

  • Cars – Fun movie, we were cheering! (Yet another reason to watch at home.) Pixar is just fantastic, although they may be losing it: Ratatouille wasn’t very good, in fact, we didn’t finish it.
  • Finding Neverland – I adore Johnny Depp, and this was a fun and bittersweet story.
  • The Libertine – Damn, I adore Johnny Depp! I liked this movie quite a bit, though Rob didn’t.
  • Sweeney Todd – Oh wow but this movie was fantastic. I’ve always loved the story of Sweeney Todd, and this was a superb version. I cringed at every throat slash and winced at every body drop. This was Sweeney Todd!. And yeah – Johnny Depp. And Alan Rickman! Man, it just doesn’t get better than that!
  • Beowulf – Wow this was cool. Rob kept muttering something about crossing the uncanny valley; I dunno, but I thought it was great.
  • The Dark Side of the Rainbow – Alamo Drafthouse showed this Oz/Floyd combination – a lot of fun, and surprisingly eerie in places. Still, I think I should have had more to drink before going. :D


Cats are all fine. We’ve gotten through (knock wood) a horrendous parasite infection, but it looks like it’s pretty much over with. The kittens are apparently acting “normally” now, which means they’re alternating being destructive little demons on crack with being cuddlebugs. The latter is the only thing saving them now. That and the fact that they are adorably cute.

All done!

That’s about it for now. I’m sure there’s more, but it’s long past and out of my head. I’m lucky I remembered this much. Now to have some lunch, then start posting and backdating my photos! Hasta!

My new favorite store

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A new Spec’s opened near us, so we decided to check it out today. Man, it’s a lush’s paradise! It’s huge – for you Austinites, it’s where Acadamy Sports used to be down on Lamar and 290.

Anyway, wow. Acres of beer, booze, and wine, plus lots of cheese, chocolate, and other fancy junk food. My kinda place. I’ve figured out that yes, I really do like beer, and so I’ve been picking up all sorts of different interesting beers. For example, right now I’m drinking an Arrogant Bastard Ale. It’s quite yummy. And I don’t care what it says, I am too worthy. :)

One extremely odd thing about the store, however was the cognitive dissonance I experienced when we walked in the door. On the door was a very official looking notice that stated clearly that no one under 21 was to enter. Period. As we walked through that door, our ears were assaulted by several shrieklings, which isn’t unusual anywhere of course. The part that was bizarre was the availability of several “car” shopping carts. Oh well, whatever.

Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

Oh! I truly adore the Alamo Drafthouse. Next Wednesday, we’re going to see the Princess Bride – a Quote-Along Princess Bride. If you’re in Austin, you should go!

That’s all I’ve got tonight. My pizza, beer, and pokemons are calling me.

BWAHAHAHA! I always knew Tom was up to no good

This comment from an article on slashdot:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Animal Crossing may have looked kiddy, but it’s really a very difficult and adult game representing the struggle of the common class against the entrenched mercantile-industrial complex and ineffective government leadership. Everything you do is part of the struggle against the oppressor, from the leaving of revolutionary literature on the town message board, to establishing a strong underground community amongst the populace and trying to instigate open revolt against Tom Nook’s shadow regime.

It’s just really hard…I can get my fellow town members to gather near Nookington’s carrying axes and wearing my “Down With Nook” shirts, but I can’t get them to actually torch the place yet.

/needs to make some “Down With Nook” shirts…