But it's real!

I’m at school in the commons, and I’m reading the paper – an actual newspaper – that someone left behind. It seems the Catholic Diocese of Dallas has suggested to its parishioners that they should stay home from mass if they feel sick – good advice, of course. But then it goes on:

The diocese also posted on its Web site a letter from Bishop Kevin Farrell, who said he has encouraged priests to consider suspending the use of wine during communion, because it’s offered from a common cup. Farrell also said he has asked the priests to be sure that all Eucharistic ministers use “proper hygiene” when distributing the bread or host during communion.

Really? I mean, sure that sounds like good advice, but I thought that the whole point of communion was that transubstantiation magically miraculously changed the wine into the actual blood of Christ. Surely such a miracle could neutralize a few Swine Flu viruses, could it not?

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