Opinions solicited: Netbooks

Ping ernunnos and gizka (and anyone else with an opinion):

So my PPC Powerbook is about to be maybe orphaned by Apple and I’m thinking that a netbook would really be all I need for school. I like having the computer with me, but dang it really adds a lot of weight to my backpack.

I think I remember you guys talking about getting netbooks at one point – how do you like them, and do you have any recommendations or warnings?

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  1. If you don’t need the small size of a 9″ screen, get a 10″ model. That extra inch makes a big difference in the keyboard. Also, look for a keyboard that doesn’t have the up-arrow directly left of the right shift key. It’s the only thing I don’t really like about my Eee.

    • Good advice! The keyboard is really important, I think.
      So I was able to get my hands on an Asus (10″, not sure what model #) and I found that the keyboard bugged me somehow.
      I’ve decided on the Acer Aspire One – the keyboard feels really good to me, small, but workable. The arrow keys don’t bug me.
      It’s working on installing itself right now, sigh.
      I’ve heard a rumor that OSX can be put on some of these – wonder if I could manage it.
      I know, I know, Linux. OSX is as close as I’ve been able to get, much to ‘s chagrin.

  2. I got the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, and I like it. That is what I wanted for when I don’t want to travel with the full size laptop.
    It’s nice and tiny, but it takes a few days to get used to the keyboard.
    I tested all the netbooks I could get my paws on and some I didn’t like at ll – I think the Asus were on this category.
    Some of my friends got MSI Wind (and most of them made them a hackintosh) and those seem quite nice as well, including the usability of the keyboard.
    But I see now there are a few models with 10″ screen that may give the extra ” for the keyboard.

  3. I love Asus Eee netbook! I don’t believe I’ve ever received more value for my money. It isn’t the most powerful PC I’ve ever owned but it makes a great e-mail machine and also is good for doing my creative writing on … it comes with a variety of open source software installed.
    I’ve used my Asus with several different external monitors and I’ve never had a problem. Ditto for several different USB keyboard and mice.
    If you want something to take notes in class with, the Asus isn’t a bad way to go; though the keyboard may take a little getting used to. The letters are decently sized but the other keys are a bit small.

  4. Mini recommendation
    I purchased a Mini not too long ago. When it comes to being portable, the mini has it down pat. Here are the things that I really had to put into my mind:
    1. Do I mind not having a CD/DVD ROM/Writer on the PC?
    2. Depending upon the manufacturer, you can get a small
    hard drive (HP and Dell) or a regular sized one (Lenovo,
    Asus, and others).
    3. Can you deal with the small keyboard? The one thing
    that drives me up the freaking wall is the keyboard,
    but I could get one of those cool Logitech keyboards
    designed for laptops.
    In general, I think a mini would be perfect for toting to school. They are very light weight and even my mother considered getting one. She begged out of it when the total order on a Dell Mini was $486.

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