Writer's Block: Eat, Drink, Be Merry

Things that might be on a TurkeyDay table that I’d rather not see:

Cranberry sauce1 – what can I say, I’ve never liked the stuff. In my family it was always the canned gel kind, with the can indents still on the… congealed red… stuff. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever tried the “real” kind – and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. :D

Peas – I. Hate. Peas. I’ve tried them a number of occasions, and I just Do Not Like them. Bleh.

Yams w/ marshmallows – ugh. Just, ugh.


I don’t care what anybody says, I love green bean casserole made with cream of mushroom soup and French’s fried onions.

So there.

1 sqlrob likes that kind of cranberry sauce, so we do have it for Tday. It’s alllll his though. :D

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7 Responses to Writer's Block: Eat, Drink, Be Merry

  1. I had the same cranberry sauce experience growing up as you did: circular slices, cuts guided by the can grooves. Yecchh. Some time back in the 70s, however, a friend gave Mrs. Merk a recipe for a homemade version, with bits of orange, and walnut, and a smidgeon of Southern Comfort- there’s a world of difference.
    I don’t know who got the idea to put marshmallows on yams. What a stupid idea! I’d dismiss it as “1950’s dreck” but that epithet would probably besmirch the green bean/ French fried onion casserole, which I came to late in life but have learned to love.
    Peas? What can I say? I kind of like them. I’ll eat your peas and you can have my lima beans. Yiccch-o!
    However, as far as “thoroughly disgusting traditional foods,” nothing will top the turnip that my mother baked and mashed once a year. (Thank God that was all.) Bitter and virtually inedible on the plate, the cooking process stunk up the house like a backed-up sewer. I’ve heard that in Europe, turnips are not considered fit for the table, but are fed instead to cows and pigs. Those Europeans have the right idea.

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE cranberry sauce… so much so that I serve three kinds: canned jellied, canned whole berry, and homemade. Sadly, overgrown 7-year-old that I am, I prefer the jellied kind with the can marks. :)

  3. The canned jelled cranberry sauce is not the same thing as the homemade kind. My mother used to buy the canned stuff until she got a recipe using real cranberries and orange marmalade. Now, that cranberry sauce is to die for and gave me new appreciation for cranberries period.
    Personally, I am not a “bean” person. I love green beans, but regular beans are not my thing unless they are black beans or frijoles/charra bean soup. Not even red beans and rice encourage me to eat.

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