Animal Crossing: City Folk – Town Info

Adding this so people in acwii_adult can let me know they added me. (Format stolen from kellybellynet)

Name: Tasha
Town: Austin
Friend Code: 5112-6912-4655
Wii Code: 6620-7604-1722-2326

Native fruit is Cherries.

RULES: (subject to change)

DON’T: Pick flowers. I’m gonna be trying for hybrids.
DON’T: Dig holes and leave them open.
DON’T: Chop down trees.

DO: Take some fruit.
DO: Go shopping, or sell stuff.
DO: Chat up the neighbors.
DO: Post on the message board (let me know you stopped by!).
DO: Catch bugs and go fishing.
DO: Shake trees — keep whatever falls out!
DO: Pick up anything you see lying on the ground (shells, etc).

17 Responses to Animal Crossing: City Folk – Town Info

  1. My name is Zeida
    Town: Hawaii
    and friend code is: 3695-3677-8692
    I gotta finish studying for government test but then I’ll add you. :)
    what’s the difference between the two codes?

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