Halloween Movies!

[EDIT:Beetlejuice & Plan 9 From Outer Space it is! Thanks for the help, y’all! :D]

It’s Halloween and sqlrob and I are planning on turning off the porch light, barricading ourselves in the house and watching scary/halloweenish movies. But, we can’t decide what we want to watch!

Help us decide! I’ve made it a checkbox so you can check more than one, but remember, we will have to sleep sometime…

Visuals under the cut!

I feel glad when you're glad…

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I had a dream last night. It was all very complicated and bizarre and fun, but the part I actually remember enough to describe is the very end. For some reason, Randy Travis showed up to tell me something, and I got his autograph.

Then I woke up with a Barry Manilow song in my head.

My brain is confusing.