Messing with my ‘blog again. Upgraded to WP 2.5. Changing themes. Trying to make the photos look right. Trying to make it so that I don’t hate it. Need to get new header images. Need to figure out the difference between “categories” and “tags”. Need to finish importing all my LJ crap. Need to figure out if I’m staying with GoDaddy for hosting. Need to write more often. It’d be good for me, and all that “Twittering” stuff is appalling. Need to start using links again. Need to go to bed.

3 Responses to Stuff.

  1. I believe the tags are what helps other wordpress bloggers search for you, and categories are what you use on your site to sort your entries. I don’t use tags much.

    Good luck with getting everything the way you like it!

  2. Hmm – I would think that that would be only for blogs actually on the wordpress site. I dunno!

    I kinda like this style (cutline) but I’m not positive yet. Can’t decide between 2 or 3 columns.

  3. I’m going through my annual web site angst myself. Reading your post just reminded me I was supposed to turn on my old computer today and try to find the Photoshop file of my banner image to make some changes. But, you know, Windows 98. Ugh. I don’t wanna turn on that beast! :D

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