Book Review: Cloud Atlas


I just finished the most amazing book – Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. I found this book when I asked a guy at BookPeople for a dystopia, and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s a nested set of matryoshka dolls in front of a mirror; six separate stories woven together from the 1850s to a post-apocalyptic future and back again. Each could stand on its own, yet when taken together are glorious.

Here’s some thoughts I had while reading it:

About 10 pages in: Hmm. This doesn’t seem much like a dystopia. Oh well, it’s ok so far.

About 40 pages: WTF?

Another 40 pages: WTF???

Later: Wow, this is good! Hey! Wait! I needed more about that guy, you can’t just leave it hanging…

Still later: Holycrap this is good, but if all these threads don’t wrap up some how I’m gonna be pissed!

End: Wow. What a rush.

Can’t really say much about the stories, because really, you just have to see for yourself. Anything I could say would be a spoiler, so I won’t go there. This is one trip worth taking.

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  1. Cloud Atlas is on my To Read list! Have you read Ghostwritten? It’s the only David Mitchell I’ve read to date but it was love from the first few paragraphs.
    So, you’re a gamer and a reader. I’d like to friend you, if that’s okay. =)

    • I’d never heard of David Mitchell when I picked this book up. I’ll look for Ghostwritten, because Cloud Atlas, wow.
      Of course you can friend me! :D My “official” blurb or whatever that I use everywhere is “Female. Geek. Gamer. Reader.” :D
      I’ll add you back. Just be warned that I post sporadically, at best. :D I read every day though.

      • I love your blurb. It also describes me rather well. =)
        I’m a sporadic poster as well. Sometimes everyday and then not for a week or so. Ah, well — blame the books and games! x

  2. this book is pure craziness. took a long time to slog through it, but well worth it. enjoyed the ending. my favorite segment was the first half of the ghastly ordeal of timothy cavendish. i would also highly recommend black swan green, if you have not already read it.

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