Book Review: Cloud Atlas


I just finished the most amazing book – Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. I found this book when I asked a guy at BookPeople for a dystopia, and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s a nested set of matryoshka dolls in front of a mirror; six separate stories woven together from the 1850s to a post-apocalyptic future and back again. Each could stand on its own, yet when taken together are glorious.

Here’s some thoughts I had while reading it:

About 10 pages in: Hmm. This doesn’t seem much like a dystopia. Oh well, it’s ok so far.

About 40 pages: WTF?

Another 40 pages: WTF???

Later: Wow, this is good! Hey! Wait! I needed more about that guy, you can’t just leave it hanging…

Still later: Holycrap this is good, but if all these threads don’t wrap up some how I’m gonna be pissed!

End: Wow. What a rush.

Can’t really say much about the stories, because really, you just have to see for yourself. Anything I could say would be a spoiler, so I won’t go there. This is one trip worth taking.

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