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Wow. Fantastic. Heart-wrenching. Exhilarating. Satisfying. 759 pages; 7½ hours of reading.


Now to put my LJ reading list back together. :D

(Don’t read comments if you haven’t finished the book – there may be spoilerish things mentioned.)

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    • Probably because I’m very good at suspension of disbelief and I can enjoy a thing for what it is.
      I’m not sure how the rest of the movies are going to hold up though. HP&OotP was pretty choppy.

      • The complaints I’ve read(I’ve not read the book) were that basically the whole thing was all about the pairings, and that in the epilogue, apparently all that matters is they all had a zillion kids and what their names were.
        (which is enough, honestly, to make me not read it at all, but that’s another story.)

        • Weeeeeellll… Yes. The epilogue was a bit on the glurge side. Have you read the rest of the series? Read DH, and skip the epilogue. You won’t miss anything. :) I think the more jarring thing about the epilogue is that it was so much later than the events in the book. I would have preferred it maybe a year later, rather than almost 20.
          All about the pairings… Hm. I don’t really think so. Sure, it was in there – but they’ve been in there in all of them as well. I don’t think they were forced in, if that makes sense.

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