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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was great! And speaking of Harry Potter, since there’s some spoiler hints even on CNN, it’s time for me to pull the plug.

From /. – “Salon reports that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been leaked four days before it hits bookstores. It turns out that someone with access to the American edition of the book has taken a photograph of every one of the pages and made them available via bittorrent. Publishers may well be quaking in their boots, but in some places the quality is barely legible. On many pages the pirateer’s hands are in the pictures with other pages needing a bit of Photoshopping just to make out the words. It appears many of the sites have been removing the content, naturally enough.”

Warning – the /. link is almost certainly infested with spoilers in the comments, and I don’t know how deep the Salon article goes into it – I’m not reading it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – we know there’s going to be death galore. Fine, but I don’t need to know details and page numbers, thanks.

Anyway, I’m out until Sunday!

In other news, U.S. medical researchers have discovered use of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Ritalin by young children might affect their brains. Um, duh?

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