I’m posting from our new Wii!

It’s pretty painful to type. ;)

Better’n the DS, though.

That’s all!

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    • I did! Such a pain in the ass. :)
      My Wii code is 6620-7604-1722-2326
      If you don’t have the browser yet, better get it tonight/tomorrow – after that it costs 500 wii points. That’s $5, I think.
      What fun!! Wii sports is really fun. We’ve also got WiiPlay, and I bought Pokemon Battle Revolution because I am insane.

      • Okay – Now I must set up my Wii! I got it a few weeks ago and have not had the time to hook it up. Now, I have to get it set up….especially with the new TV. ;-)

      • Browser? You mean to surf teh internets on the Wii? I think we’ve got that. I don’t really do much on the thing (and don’t even know our Wii code), but have made a Mii. I know we’ve got lots of downloaded stuff, and we can even check the weather around the world, but I don’t know what else it can do.

  1. I am almost jealous, except that the bf has a GameCube and a PS2 and I never play either of them.
    (Remember typing in Animal Crossing on the GameCube? That was awful.)

  2. Woo congrats to you! :)
    I added you guys to my Wii Address book! Here’s my number. When you’ve got me added I’ll send you some of my oddball Miis. :D
    1671 8757 6046 7574

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