Wait, what?

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I do not understand the weirdness of my network connection. We’ve got two networks; the main one uses a linksys wireless router, hands out ip addresses, and is connected to the cable modem. It uses WPA encryption. The other uses a motorola wireless router, uses WEP encryption (gots to let the DS go online, you know!) and is connected to the linksys. This works perfectly! Computers plugged directly into either router have all the ‘net they want. Both DS handhelds connect fine, although I can’t be very far away from the router. This is odd, but I live with it for now. Both wireless laptops connect fine to either network from most areas in the house. No problem at all.

If I disable my wireless connection on my powerbook and connect directly to either router I can’t connect to the iTunes store OR Apple software update. All I get is a message saying there’s a network problem, and to run Network Diagnostics. I do that, and diagnostics says “Hey, your network connection is just fine! Have a great day!!” Connected wirelessly, I can get to the iTunes store and update the computer with no problems.

I’m baffled. I’m assuming that the router is blocking some sort of traffic between us and Apple, but I can’t imagine what, or why it would work when I’m connected to the same bloody network using wireless. I don’t know if Rob has the same problem on his powerbook.


Strikethrough fiasco and permanent accounts

If you buy during the first 36 hours of the sale, we’ll donate $25 of your purchase price among four organizations: RAINN, Witness, the EFF and Creative Commons. And if you want your donation to go to just one of the organizations you can instruct us to do that too.

So each group gets 1/4 of $25 for each permanent account? Nice gesture, anyway.

Many people have expressed their outrage and dissatisfaction with Six Apart policies far better than I.

So, I’ll just use an image.

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The process of backing up my journal, and transferring to my domain proceeds apace. Still deciding what other actions to take. (Whether to continue crossposting, or switch to InsaneJournal or GreatestJournal, or… dunno.)

More John Moore, plz

A Fate Worse Than Dragons

In an attempt to win the hand of Princess Gloria in marriage, Sir Terry slays a dragon-only to discover he’s killed the dragon in a neighboring kingdom and inadvertently earned the devotion of the wrong princess. And everyone knows that getting stuck with the wrong girl is truly a fate worse than dragons.

This is the forest primeval, where the murmuring pines and hemlocks, bearded with moss, stand like Druids of eld, and the young elms sway like sailors in the eleventh hour of a twelve-hour liberty. This is the forest primeval, where golden eyes and white fangs flash silently in the ever-present twilight, and the roe startles and leaps at a rustle in the dry leaves. This is the forest primeval, where it is lunchtime.

In fact, it’s pretty much always lunchtime in the forest primeval, or even in the forest contemporary, which makes much more use of open space and natural light and attracts a younger crowd of predators.

If you like your fairy tales with tongue firmly in cheek, you’ve got to read John Moore.

Heroics for Beginners

Prince Kevin Timberline must retrieve Ancient Artifact Model Seven from the clutches of the evil Lord Voltmeter–He Who Must Be Named–before said evil Lord unleashes his Diabolical Plan.

Luckily, Kevin wields a secret weapon that will cause the forces of Darkness to tremble: The Handbook of Practical Heroics.

The Unhandsome Prince

Caroline kissed every frog in the swamp until she found the one that turned into a prince–only Prince Hal isn’t the handsome specimen she expected to find. Unless she can learn to love the princely sum of his parts, it’ll be unhappily ever after.

Bad Prince Charlie

After the king of Damask dies, Bad Prince Charlie is put on the throne to divert attention from his uncles’ plan-to procure Weapons of Magical Destruction.

It's in what??

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So I’ve been trying to read food labels more lately; basically trying to avoid food from China, and high fructose corn syrup. My $DEITY, that crap is in everything. I’m also less enamored of artificial sweeteners too.

  • Jif peanut butter? HFCS. I bought organic. Hope I like it.
  • Smuckers jelly? HFCS. I bought HEB brand More Fruit – it’s got a minimum of ingredients.
  • The husband likes Smart Start cereal. High Fucking Fructose Corn Syrup. o_O I bought him Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries instead – fewer calories, less sodium, and I think less fat, though it does have a lower vitamin percentage. No HFCS though. I bought myself some Cheerios instead. Lucky for me, with the exception of Lucky Charms, I prefer plain cereal: Total, Cheerios, Grape Nuts Flakes. No HFCS in those, although the Lucky Charms does have corn syrup. I probably should avoid that as well.
  • Campbell’s Tomato Soup? HFCS. I’m really disgruntled about that. I love that stuff. Got nine cans of it in the pantry at the moment.
  • All of the brand name “maple” syrups? HFCS and corn syrup.
  • My bread has HFCS – Sara Lee Whole Grain White (yeah, yeah, I know).

I’m appalled, and shocked, though I shouldn’t be. It’s really kind of weird sliding more and more towards organic foods. Last month I decided to give organic milk a shot. Now, I don’t really like milk – I never have. I use it in cooking a lot, and for cereal, but drinking it is a rarity. Before the husband, I’d buy it in quarts and it’d still go bad before I used it. Rob likes to drink milk at meals, so now I’m buying gallons. Anyhow, I bought some 2% organic milk, and tried a glass. It was actually almost good! I mean, it was still milk, but it tasted 100% better than the milk I’ve always had before.

Well, I gotta think about getting to my hair appointment now, so I guess that’s all the griping about HFCS I’ve got for today. I’m going to try to slowly cut that crap out, and buy food with ingredients I can understand.

Bread. What in the bleeding hells is it doing in bread??

Busy month

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June is turning out to be a busy month! Well, busy for us, that is. :) Got the garage door opener and water heater installed, two vet appointments so far – old cat and kitten stuff. This week is a long overdue hair appointment on Tuesday; a delivery of more media storage on Wednesday, as well as the Princess Bride Quote-Along; and Saturday is a Drew Curtis (FARK) book signing at BookPeople. If that weren’t enough, I get to go to the circus later this month as well! I’ve got goooood seats – center ring, about 4 rows from the front. Close enough to smell the elephants, not close enough to attract the clowns. I’ve already threatened Rob with bodily injury if he does anything to attract the attention of the clowns.

My new favorite store

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A new Spec’s opened near us, so we decided to check it out today. Man, it’s a lush’s paradise! It’s huge – for you Austinites, it’s where Acadamy Sports used to be down on Lamar and 290.

Anyway, wow. Acres of beer, booze, and wine, plus lots of cheese, chocolate, and other fancy junk food. My kinda place. I’ve figured out that yes, I really do like beer, and so I’ve been picking up all sorts of different interesting beers. For example, right now I’m drinking an Arrogant Bastard Ale. It’s quite yummy. And I don’t care what it says, I am too worthy. :)

One extremely odd thing about the store, however was the cognitive dissonance I experienced when we walked in the door. On the door was a very official looking notice that stated clearly that no one under 21 was to enter. Period. As we walked through that door, our ears were assaulted by several shrieklings, which isn’t unusual anywhere of course. The part that was bizarre was the availability of several “car” shopping carts. Oh well, whatever.

Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

Oh! I truly adore the Alamo Drafthouse. Next Wednesday, we’re going to see the Princess Bride – a Quote-Along Princess Bride. If you’re in Austin, you should go!

That’s all I’ve got tonight. My pizza, beer, and pokemons are calling me.

Home Improvement

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So at almost 7 years in this house, we’ve finally got a garage door opener installed. It’s amazing – you push a button, and the garage door goes up! Push it again, and it goes down! No more getting out in the rain making Rob get out in the rain, no more having to go in through the house to open it because I never could get the bloody key to work properly – at least without struggling for a minimum of five minutes.

Doesn’t take much to make me happy. :)

And in more important home improvement news, we’ve replaced the scary burned looking water heater (see this post) with a new shiny one. We didn’t get a tankless because it was going to take quite a lot of retro-fitting and more money than we wanted to spend, especially since we have never run out of hot water, even if we both take showers. And as far as simultaneous showers and dishwashing, well, that’s just wrong. <grin> I doubt there’d be pressure enough for that to begin with.

Next up, fence and roof estimates. Yay.