That doesn’t look good.

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I mean, I know we haven’t been able to actually get to the water heater in… well, let’s just say far too long and leave it at that, ok?

But I’m not really liking the look of the bottom of the water heater at all. Gas heating/cooking makes me nervous, though it’s certainly cheaper, and better for cooking too. Still… <shudder>

Need to replace that asap. Hmm. Should we get a tankless? And maybe put a water softener/filter in as well.

3 Responses to That doesn’t look good.

  1. We love our Rinnai tankless water heater. Continuous hot water is wonderful. We’ve got a water filter, but I hate the feel of softened water, so I resist that. I’d rather pay to replace the pipes in 20 years than to feel slimy every time I get out of the shower.

  2. If you can afford tankless, get the tankless system. We don’t have that yet, but it is SO on the list. It would be nice to be able to do a load of hot laundry, take a hot shower, and do the dishes in the same two hour period. Heaven forbid more than one of these activities need to happen at the same time. Instant and constant hot water is where it’s at.
    And yes … if my hot water heater looked like it had been on fire, I would freak out. Wait, let me go look at mine…
    Nope. No burn marks, and ours is WAY older and skankier than yours, so yup … that looks bad.

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