I don’t want another cat right now. My 18 year old with cancer is, of course, my top priority. I can’t let her be too stressed. To say nothing of the 12 year old diabetic.

The kitten is adorable, sweet, and judging from the last couple of days would get along fine with Max and Jake, and as well as could be expected with the oldsters.

I don’t want or need another cat.

Yet giving that cat back to the “owners” is killing me, and I don’t know if I did right to do it.

It turns out that it did indeed belong to the neighbors I feared it did.

This was my earlier response to crankycatlady:

They’ve got a pug – has been kept in the garage during the day. Don’t know if it’s everyday or not, but I’ve heard him in the garage.

They’ve got a boxer-ish dog, beautiful animal. Gets out of the backyard frequently – for a while it was Every. Single. Day. I think (not sure) that they (were? are?) leaving him out there.

They have (had?) a pretty yellow kitten, friendly booger. Outside. Came in our yard frequently. I don’t care if it’s in our yard – Jake loves cats. But there’s pit bulls behind us. Now, I happen to like pit bulls, and don’t believe in the hysteria about them; however these pit bulls feed into the stereotype. I wouldn’t give a cat good odds if they found themselves on that side of the fence. I haven’t seen the yellow cat in a while. Don’t know if they actually keep him in, if he’s still outside, or if he’s gone.

Turns out I was right – the yellow cat has “run off”.

Damn it! I shouldn’t have given her back.

They got one hell of a lecture though.

Crap. I don’t know what I should have done.

Edit 10:30 pm: I’ll be damned. Not one hour after I bitched them out and handed over the kitten, guess who shows up at our back door? Guess who sauntered in when I opened it? Guess who rubbed noses with the dog and walked underneath him?

Huh. Whaddaya know.