Grah. Webhosts.

Are there any good webhosts for a decent price?

I’m becoming less and less impressed with GoDaddy as a web host.

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  1. What’s the problem? I’ve switched to Godaddy from Burlee Interland after they sat on their asses over server being down.
    I’ve only had minor problems, but very intermittent.

    • Mail (and webmail) keeps dropping or breaking, the wordpress database on *their* server that *they* installed (not me) keeps losing connections, my uptime lately has been iffy too.

      • That’s weird. I’m not experiencing anything with webmail. I can’t tell you anything on the wordpress thing as I’m using Geeklog that they installed.
        Are you on a windows server or linux?

        • Webmail this morning redirected to, but directly going to worked. This currently appears to be OK.
          The SQL server (mysql apparently) loses connections all the time, breaking wordpress and many of the the plugins. This is at least the second time this has happened. The first time, it “wasn’t their fault”, but after the report, it mysteriously started working again.

          • I don’t know if any e-mail has gotten dropped. The mail server does seem to be down relatively frequently. Sometimes when it’s “down”, webmail works, other times everything is broken, with mail clients timing out.

          • Wrong word
            Yeah, I don’t think anything’s missing – I sure get my “mailer demons” for the spam I didn’t send. ;)
            Sorry, by “dropping” I meant that the connection gets broken, not that I’m losing mail. I honestly don’t think any mail has been lost.

    • Wow, since July 2002 – longer than I realised! Anyway, they’ve always been great, and one thing I really appreciate is, they often add new services/features, such as more bandwidth, faster services, more email addies, whatever – and they give them to OLD customers as well, instead of just using the goodies to lure in new ones. You never get that “damn! if only I’d signed up a month later!” feeling like you do with a lot of services.

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