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I <3 xkcd. :)

In other news, I'm way too easily amused:

1:12:19 PM jenc9998: spell ellucidating
1:12:20 PM smarterchild: Here are some spelling suggestions for “ellucidating”:

1 elucidating
2 elucidation
3 elucidative
4 eliciting
5 felicitating

Type more for more suggested spellings for “ellucidating.”
1:12:59 PM jenc9998: hello
1:13:00 PM smarterchild: Hey jenc9998. Welcome back.

What should we chat about?
1:13:03 PM jenc9998: How are you?
1:13:03 PM smarterchild: I’m doing well. How ’bout you, jenc9998?
1:13:08 PM jenc9998: fantastic!
1:13:08 PM smarterchild: Fantastic? That’s good!
1:13:26 PM jenc9998: is it silly that I talk to bots?
1:13:26 PM smarterchild: Yes indeed.
1:13:38 PM jenc9998: Don’t sugar coat it now.
1:13:39 PM smarterchild: You don’t want me to sugar coat it? Oh really?