BWAHAHAHA! I always knew Tom was up to no good

This comment from an article on slashdot:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Animal Crossing may have looked kiddy, but it’s really a very difficult and adult game representing the struggle of the common class against the entrenched mercantile-industrial complex and ineffective government leadership. Everything you do is part of the struggle against the oppressor, from the leaving of revolutionary literature on the town message board, to establishing a strong underground community amongst the populace and trying to instigate open revolt against Tom Nook’s shadow regime.

It’s just really hard…I can get my fellow town members to gather near Nookington’s carrying axes and wearing my “Down With Nook” shirts, but I can’t get them to actually torch the place yet.

/needs to make some “Down With Nook” shirts…

Here we go again. And again.

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All right. Let’s see if the automagical LJ xposter works for me this go ’round. If not, I can always use the old kludge method.

If this works, then I’ve got to figure out how to (and if I’m going to) get my archive back. Whee.

Did I mention I hate computers?

(Nope, didn’t work. Kludge it is.)

stupid wordpress/gallery/mysql/sunspots/whothebleepknows

A plea for help: can someone poke around on my site a little bit? It’s probably going to take for-freakin’-ever, but it ought to come up eventually.

Let me know if it does take forever, and if you get any error messages on the page. OS and browser would help too.

I’m trying to eliminate the path as a source of the problem. I think there’s something wrong w/ the mysql server and/or database, but it could just be the path my little packets are taking.

That said, this’ll be the second time that gallery has really irritated me, and it seems to be spreading to wordpress. Like I said, I think it’s mysql.

Links to start with:

I’ll love you forever!!