A Confession And A Meme!

So got an iMac a while ago. He loves it, and has been trying to get me to try out my account on it, which I finally did. I can say that I don't hate it. And there are things about it that I like (such as the fact that it's Not Microsoft). I played with it some more, and I think I might like it a little.

And then he decided he wanted an iPod mini, since the portable cd player he has won't consistently play burned cds. So we traipsed off to the Evil Apple store and he got a blue 4GB iPod mini.

I wandered around looking at all the pretties and was poring over the PowerBooks and iBooks. See, one, I hate Windows. I love Windows. I hate Windows. Let's just say I'm conflicted. I know that Windows is Not Safe At All from a data security standpoint, but my brief forays into the desktop Linux world were frustrating and annoying. would much rather have me off of Windows, and intellectually I agree with him. Plus, my PC has been a little boogerhead lately, with the USB ports acting funny, and rebooting itself every now and then. We haven't determined if it's hardware or software yet. I'm thinking that if I do decide to get a new computer, I think I'd want a laptop. And if I get a laptop, I really don't see any reason why a PowerBook wouldn't be the way to go. So maybe in a couple of months when Eris ('s iMac) is paid off I might be getting a PowerBook. Assuming, of course, that my PC doesn't blow up in the mean time.

Anyway, back to the Evil Apple Store: Somehow I walked out with a 1GB iPod Shuffle. Oh Em Gee but it is so tiny and so cute! I named her Twiggy, because she's soooo skinny. This acquisition required me to install iTunes, which I had been resisting. Why I've been resisting I certainly couldn't tell you now because wow is that an awesome program or what??

And now for the meme, which prompted this confession post, because I've fallen in love with Twiggy and iTunes:

Put your iTunes playlist on shuffle, then add “in my pants” to the end of the first 20 titles that come up. Here we go!

Roy Orbison – Mean Little Mama in my pants
INXS – Mystify in my pants
Big Joe Williams – Jinx Blues in my pants

Sublime – What I Got in my pants
Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream in my pants
Presidents of the United States – Video Killed The Radio Star in my pants
Shenandoah – I Got You in my pants

London Symphony Orchestra – The High Council Meeting and Qui-Gon's Funeral in my pants
Team Sleep – The Passportal in my pants
Simon Wynberg – Strathgarry in my pants
Ryan & Rachel O'Donnell – May It Be in my pants

Joe Satriani – Lords of Karma in my pants
Vince Guaraldi Trio – Christmas Time Is Here in my pants
Ted Weems & His Orchestra – Winter Wonderland in my pants

Choir Of Former Altar Boys – Mythos Of A King in my pants
Stars On 45 – Medley in my pants
Steve Vai – Juice in my pants
Glenn Miller – Stardust in my pants

Joe Satriani – Thinking Of You in my pants
Wolfe Tones – The Foggy Dew in my pants

Er.. Yah. That was disturbing. And funny. Disturbingly funny. Or is that funnily disturbing?