This is the first sunny weekend we've had here in Austin in seven weeks. By a happy coincidence it was the opening weekend of Excalibur – a ren/fantasy faire somewhat near Austin. We're skipping Scarborough on our anniversary this year due to last year's Unpleasantness, and we most likely won't get to TRF this year, so this little ren faire is our only ren fix. It was pretty good. Small, but fun. The wind in the trees above the main stage was so loud, we really had trouble hearing the acts. But, it was a fun way to spend a beautifully sunny and windy day.

I got a henna tatoo! It's a dragon with its wings spread, on my right forearm. I really like it a lot.

Rob got called up to help out in a skit by the Piss Pot Players – I was amused. He gets this a lot.

And, of course, even though this show was explicitly rated R, there was a lovely little rugrat in the audience. Hey “parents”? When the sign says “Adult Content” that usually means it is not appropriate for children. Kthxbye.

Last but not least – it was windy! And my hair is still purple!

All in all, a fun day outside. :)